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Well, my trip is only one sleep away (mind you i probably wont get any sleep tonight).

over the last couple weeks I have been saying goodbye to all my friends and family.  some goodbyes were harder than others, and some were harder than expected. At this point in our lives I think most kids are ready to leave home and their families but sometimes we forget that means leaving our friends.  I have been so fortunate to grow up with the kids I have.  I’ve never met a closer group of friends than mine and I am so grateful for them.  Most of my friends I have known since elementary school (some even kindergarten) and the rest since grade 8 or 9.  It is going to be HUGE not to see them 5 days a week 10 months a year!!!

To all of my friends reading this- thanks for the awesome memories, I love you all. Gals- girl talk is there for a reason, use it often* FDBZ (I think I get BBM in Ghana??) keep talking and don’t forget to e-mail. I hope you guys make mistakes and learn from them; afterall, university is for learning right? I cant wait to hear about all your crazy adventures. Be prepared to lend a couch when I get back, I want to visit everyone!! (even y’all back east- Alexa I’ll try to bring the ocean with me 🙂 )

To the fam… I’ll miss you more than I’ll let on (you know well how stubborn I am). Mamma: your little girls gotta grow up some day, but don’t worry you taught me well…thanks for putting a good head on my shoulders. Randolph: just cause im not there to make you, don’t use it as an excuse not to leave the office early (5:30 sharp- I told T to make sure that happens at least twice a week).  Rayrenn: good luck in grade 12 baby bro, don’t fall off the wagon now, remember you gotta make the big bucks so you can pay for my expensive life style 😛  enjoy total control of the internet, TV remote and car…be gentle, Bessy’s getting old! (but don’t get too comfortable 6 months will go by faster than we would like) Skippy- hang around a while wont you?

I love you  and thank you for be so supportive of me through everything ❤

Its kinda crazy how fast time flies- I’ve known for 8 months that I am going to Ghana and its weird to think that in less time than that I will be back home!  hopefully I havent forgotten anything, I only packed and unpacked my bag 3 times…the toiletries were a pain, how am I supposed to know how much soap or shampoo I’ll use in 6 months?? this isn’t something I am used to keeping track of.  but I guess I will find out eventually! AHHH I am so excited.  you will probably find out fast how random my thought process is and since im new to the blogging world my post’s may be a little hard to follow.  If you want me to write about anything specific, like where im staying, food, or people just let me know and ill try to fit it in my next blog.  My next post will be short- probably just enough to let you all know im alive and give you my phone number or other contact info.

Thanks for reading,

This isn’t goodbye, it’s “see you later”!