all good things end.


So I’m sure most of you have heard that tomorrow I am getting on a plane and saturday I will arrive in vancouver…yess I’m coming home 😦 this has been the best month of my life and I am completely heartbroken to have to go. This week I’ve been trying to catch up on my photo taking as well as spending time with the kids. I didn’t tell them that I had to go until last night so that was really hard. Ulla started crying and ellen didn’t understand. Then today when I told the school kids, joel, one of my favorites left the class in tears. It hasn’t quite kicked in yet that tonight is the last time I will sleep in this house (for now) or that the next time I see half these kids I won’t be able to recognize them cause they will have grown, but I’m dealing with it. My roommate is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met so I’m not only leaving my new family but also a new friend. Ill see you soon canada. Too soon.

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About haileylou

I am 18 and Finished Highschool last june. I've always known that i didnt want to go to University right away so i took this year off. In september i left for Ghana, where i was supposed to stay for 5 months. unfotunately things didnt go as planned so i wound up back in the 604 after only 5 weeks! i loved every minute of my time there so i knew right away that i wanted take off again- except this time to COSTA RICA. I leave February 11th and i will be spending the first 5 weeks in a Child Care program and the next 6 weeks doing Turtle Conservation work. Even though i am only going for 3 months finally i have something to look forward to!(Again) fingers crossed for better luck this time around. stay tuned.

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