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This weekend my host parents went to the capital for a church function and me and michelle were left to hold down the fort! Its weird being in charge of a household that is so different than home. When you babysit at home there are some things you know are expected of you. But here we were clueless. And we even have to cook! Sans stove. Yess people we used charcoal to light a fire and placed our pots on top of that. Dinner was by far our best meal. Pasta with tomato sauce. Yummmm. Tasted like home. And we were worried the kids wouldn’t eat it cause it was so different for them. But they loved it! When their parents came home and found out that we cooked they were so impressed that they wanted to try it too. Surprisingly they loved the fact that they had to use cutlery and eat something where hot peppers isn’t the main ingredient. Mrs. Kainyiah even asked for the recipe!!!! The rest of the day we spent playing football, coloring and drawing and watching tv :P. Everybody hates chris? Yep its a hit show here… Well actually they play anything that has a black cast (not being racist- but its very true) all in all I think it was a success 😀 ohhh it was even sunny today…first sunburn- check!

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About haileylou

I am 18 and Finished Highschool last june. I've always known that i didnt want to go to University right away so i took this year off. In september i left for Ghana, where i was supposed to stay for 5 months. unfotunately things didnt go as planned so i wound up back in the 604 after only 5 weeks! i loved every minute of my time there so i knew right away that i wanted take off again- except this time to COSTA RICA. I leave February 11th and i will be spending the first 5 weeks in a Child Care program and the next 6 weeks doing Turtle Conservation work. Even though i am only going for 3 months finally i have something to look forward to!(Again) fingers crossed for better luck this time around. stay tuned.

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