24th day of rain.


yess that is completely serious, and it is also for that reason i am not missing Vancouver. the dry season is supposed to start here in September and part way through October it is still raining as heavily as the wet season!!! we do see on average an hour or two of clear sunny skies a day though, so im not complaining.  also when it rains at night, it gives us more time to help tutor the kids 🙂 most of the kids are able to do their work alone, and Manastasia (one of my host’s nieces) is ALWAYS helping the other kids. She honestly could be moved up 2 grades, so we often finding ourselves giving her more complex work “just for fun”.  right now our only struggle is with Joseph. Each night we spend close to 2 hours on math and reading with him – his class is doing multiplication of fractions and he still does not know basic addition without struggle. it is frustrating at times but we have made flash cards and he is willing to get help so that makes it a bit easier. The rest of the school kids follow us every where! if we walk around after school we have around 10 kids with us! same goes for lunch hour, we cannot leave the classroom without being swarmed it’s not as bad as it sounds, all the kids are adorable.

Me and Michelle made a schedule so we get around to more classes instead of just teaching one- and i love it. i am teaching mostly English and math.  The school i am at has 230 students and 14 teachers.  they have a junior high-school level class that is supposed to have a french block one day a week but because 75% of the kids family’s cannot afford the school fees and feeding fees (roughly 150 cedi’s a year or about 115 Canadian dollars) they could not afford to pay the teachers this month let alone find a french teacher that will work for no pay.  So i guess this is where i step in….grreeaaatttt i slept most of my french classes in high-school (thats a bit of an exaggeration) ohh well tomorrow morning im starting off bright and early with greetings (bonjour, salut, ca va?) and the alphabet, whoop whoop.  i have already made a deal, since these kids are almost my age, that if they don’t treat me like a teacher i wont continue teaching them.  this got their attention right away!!!

after school we have been staying around home mostly since it takes us an hour into town and an hour out.  I am trying hard to learn to cook Ghanaian dishes, if i make them at home i will use real chicken breast or fish…not to worry, we also learned how to make plantain chips which have definitely replaced my Miss Vics S&V potato chips from home.  My American food cravings are slowly disappearing but I do miss my Starbucks! no lies there, the first couple days i had bad headaches from my caffeine withdrawal, no mom i was not dehydrated. so last time i was in town i went on a coffee hunt and found a western grocery store that looked like home- and i found everything!!! we bought instant coffee, frosted flakes, mars bars, nutella, and skor ice cream, it was like heaven: that will be the last time i go there though, a 30$ bill is not worth it when i can go to a local store and buy knock off brands for about 5$…i guess it was a learning experience.  Another thing i have mastered is doing laundry by hand. soo easy but there is a very specific system that we use and the kids laugh when we mess it up.  the first load took us about 2 hours and then we hung it to dry but it rained for the next 48 hours…which didnt help at all! now we can do a load in about 30 minutes- still with help from the girls, but they like to spend the time with us.  each time we go into town we now take one of our sisters with us as an outing since they rarely leave wages (the town we live in)

today i am going to get my hair twister, its like braids but they dont take as long.  so hehe if it looks like i got dreads not to worry they come out! I cant believe this weekend marks a month that I’ve been here- time is flying!!! only 3.5 months left 😦

next time i am near my computer i will up-load photos to Facebook, i promise! and usually i have been posting from my phone ( i still have some city left in me) but the Blackberry network has been down in Africa for a few days.

I’m still doing all right,talk to y’all later


About haileylou

I am 18 and Finished Highschool last june. I've always known that i didnt want to go to University right away so i took this year off. In september i left for Ghana, where i was supposed to stay for 5 months. unfotunately things didnt go as planned so i wound up back in the 604 after only 5 weeks! i loved every minute of my time there so i knew right away that i wanted take off again- except this time to COSTA RICA. I leave February 11th and i will be spending the first 5 weeks in a Child Care program and the next 6 weeks doing Turtle Conservation work. Even though i am only going for 3 months finally i have something to look forward to!(Again) fingers crossed for better luck this time around. stay tuned.

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