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After a week at henry’s all of the volunteers became really good friends really fast, so when we had to pack up the bus to head off to our various placements everyone was sad. After a 3.5 hour ride me and michelle were dropped off on the side of the highway where we were told to wait for our hosts. About 5 minutes after the bus left a taxi showed up and drove us up to the complex which is completely surrounded by jungle and not at all like we expected. There is a long blue building that’s has 5 class rooms and then an unfinished building which will be 3 more when it is complete. In between them is a small house which also acts as the computer lab, library and the school kitchen… Needless to say we weren’t in kansas anymore. The first two days were really hard but finally on wednesday we set up our room with pictures from home and had a long chat with mr. Kainyiah. This made us feel so much more at home and even part of the family. There are 9 of us living in this house. Mr. And mrs. Kainyiah. Ellen 4, Ula 9 and joeseph 16. Plus their 2 nieces.
Ellen is the cutest thing I have ever seen and she fits in my backpack so she’s coming home with me. Ula is very smart but a little quieter. She often helps the other kids with their work. Joe is sixteen but acts 12 because of developmental problems. Sometimes it is hard to understand him and he gets frustrated when he has to repeat himself but he’s an awesome kid. I also help coach his football (soccer) team now, so me and him are pretty close.
On july 29 the kainyiah’s lost their 11 year-old daughter monica. She was hit by a car on her way to church. We have talked to the kids and our host dad about it but aunty mary (our host mother) avoids the subject and is not herself, which is hard for the kids to see.
On a different note: eating here is like that scene in along came polly. Every dish has some type of mystery meat…dried fish, goat…their intestines, chicken I dunno what, octopus heads. I am definitely missing veggies.
On monday we started teaching in the nursery and this tuesday we will finish in grade 7 before we decide where we want to teach. So far I like grade 3/4 the best. To every teacher I’ve had. I am SOOOOO sorry. North american kids have zero respect. Here, every morning the boys salute us and the girls curtsy. When they leave class every single one of them shakes our hand. Its hard for me to remember the last time I said hello to a teacher. No one here can say hailey so most of the kids call me Mme. Hai. Or sister Yaa ( my ghanian name).
Also you only need to have completed secondary here to teach. all of the teachers are 20-23 which is really cool cause they show us around lots!
I absolutely LOVE it here and to make it better me and my room mate are pretty much exactly the same person so what’s not to love…?
Friday night we went out in town ( which is about an hour away by trotro) and met up with the other volunteers. It was good to see familiar faces. I was starting to miss them. After hearing about their placements I could not be happier with ours. Many of them are at wealthy boarding schools ( they might as well be in the US) used to having volunteers so they aren’t really needed. We are the first volunteers to ever come and they really need our help too, it feels good to know we are actually making a difference for these kids.
Da yei! (Good night- my fante is getting good eh?)

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About haileylou

I am 18 and Finished Highschool last june. I've always known that i didnt want to go to University right away so i took this year off. In september i left for Ghana, where i was supposed to stay for 5 months. unfotunately things didnt go as planned so i wound up back in the 604 after only 5 weeks! i loved every minute of my time there so i knew right away that i wanted take off again- except this time to COSTA RICA. I leave February 11th and i will be spending the first 5 weeks in a Child Care program and the next 6 weeks doing Turtle Conservation work. Even though i am only going for 3 months finally i have something to look forward to!(Again) fingers crossed for better luck this time around. stay tuned.

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