ohh hey!

i have officially arrived in Ghana 😀  i met up with 6 of the girls at YVR and the rest once we landed here. Everyone is really nice and we all are  getting along really well.  There are 5 kids from the UK, 1 from the states and then 11 from Canada.  We are the smallest group Lattitude has had here in a while! Im not at my placement yet (sunday i go) we are all living at our country co-ordinator’s house in Accra, the capital.  every morning we’re up at 8 which is considered sleeping in for them.  then we go off to our  university where we take a course until one o’clock.    After we come back home for lunch and play with the kids ALL afternoon. most of the kids who live near to us don’t have money to go to school  so the kids that do act as our translators.

There is one little girl names Manuela and she is 3.  She wont talk to any of the other volunteers but me and she doesn’t speak very good english.  the only things she knows are the words that her 4 year-old brother taught her.  their family sent Daniel (the brother ) to school last year but didn’t have enough to send him this year…sadly thats more common than not here. 

it’s really hard to see so many puppy’s everywhere and not being able to pet them!!!

i got my phone set up but I’ve been having problems with texting ( you all have to dial +1 233 024 721 6309) but you can try texting me if you want… my bbm also works so if you have my pin i keep my phone on me in the evenings.

in the evenings we all go to the spot and watch “en el nombre de amor”  with terrible english voice overs. but hey, its entertaining.  we also sing a lot with the church choir during they’re rehearsals.  everyone is soooo religious!!!

-ghanians sleep everywhere, anywhere and at any time

-“the spot” = Bar

– I could find a husband in under 30 seconds :S

– obruni= white girl (they all call us that)

– in public people enjoy touching my hair

– public urination = completely acceptable!!!

-i miss fruit but we stock up every day at the market ( I even found AVACADO 😀

– sadly they dont drink coffee

-they can all dance

-it’s weird being stared at because you’re the different one

people who have cars…all have really nice, really new cars!

– it has been pouring rain so it is about 100% humidity (not good for the hair)

– hot water is non existent

– the only clean water comes in plastic bags

until next time folks, im out!!

ohh ps- mom they stole my birkenstocks out of my pack on the flight:( again!!!!!my knees are gunna take a beating!


About haileylou

I am 18 and Finished Highschool last june. I've always known that i didnt want to go to University right away so i took this year off. In september i left for Ghana, where i was supposed to stay for 5 months. unfotunately things didnt go as planned so i wound up back in the 604 after only 5 weeks! i loved every minute of my time there so i knew right away that i wanted take off again- except this time to COSTA RICA. I leave February 11th and i will be spending the first 5 weeks in a Child Care program and the next 6 weeks doing Turtle Conservation work. Even though i am only going for 3 months finally i have something to look forward to!(Again) fingers crossed for better luck this time around. stay tuned.

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