Hello world!


“Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful.”


September 17th is only 4.5 weeks away.  I have my flights booked, visa’s ordered, clothes bought and shots gotten.  I am all ready to go.  People keep on asking me if I am nervous: GOD NO!  If someone were to hand me my ticket today I would be gone…of course it will be wierd to call a small african city “home” for the next 6 months but I have never been more excited in my life!  I know that I’ll get homesick and make a few tearfilled calls to mom but I think thats all part of the experience.  In my opinion it doesnt matter where I would be going, because even if it were just to university, I would be bound to miss home eventually, so why not make it an excuse to travel to the other side of the world?

For those of you who dont know much about Ghana or Lattitude; here are some basics:

  Ghana is located in the western region of Africa, right on the coast.  Its neighbouring countrys are Togo (to the east), Burkina Faso (to the north) and “Cote D’Ivoire” / Ivory Coast (to the west- and yes it is close enough to Ghana to make some volunteers change their mind).  I will be living at a boarding school in Sekondi-Takoradi.  A small town right on the ocean.  I will always be living with another volunteer, her name is Michelle, and the school’s principal and family.  There will always be about 25 other volunteers within 30 minutes of us.  Sekondi is a couple hours by bus out of the capital Accra and 20 minutes out of Takoradi.  

Lattitude is a global volunteering program based out of the UK, with offices in Canada, who’s focus is mainly Gap years for students, like my self, who arent attending university right away.  there are approx. 20 countries to choose from all around the world.  There are also different placement types; suchas, theaching english, environment based projects, sustainabilty projects, outreach workers and even medical assistants!  If you want more info here’s they’re site: http://www.lattitudecanada.org/

once im there, I’ll do my best to post at least once a week, but as you can imagine Internet access is limited.  Also i will be posting a few pictures on here but if you want to see more find me on facebook (Hailey Daggitt)

I hope you keep reading 🙂


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